Saturday, September 8, 2012

31 Things- Technology and Relationship

I was so happy to hear that Ali Edwards decided to postpone her 31 More Things Class until early next year. It will give me time to finish up the first 31 Things class. It will give me time to have it complete and enjoy and sit with it a while before diving into another 31 topics.

Something to remember when viewing the pages in my 31 Things album is that my album is 6x12. The two halves are going to be cut and won't be that close to each other. I think visually they look better apart. 
I am happy to report that I only have 3 topic remaining. The tricky part now is figuring out what to take pictures of for a nine of them. 
What would you take a picture of for conversation, work, watch, think, or listen? Those are proving to be the hardest.....

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