Monday, November 14, 2016

31 More Things - Spirit Hair Mess Move Sweet Happy Ritual Break Water Heart & Camera

Here are the last of my 31 More Things Class layouts completed! So happy to have this done and off my perpetual To-Do list!

This topic was not part of this class. Ali had repeated the topic Drink from 31 Things and it wasn't one that I felt I needed to do again. However, I had written 2 on Spirit and only created a layout on one of them so I decided to add it to this class instead to make it 31 Things.

Used some photos of my hair cut 2 years ago where I was able to donate 13 inches of hair. The second is a before shot taken by my son in the hair salon where I got it cut.

There are always messes around here and I actually take pictures of them sometimes so actually had a few to pick from!

Used photos from our move from California for this one.

I actually opted to use a stock photo for the Oreos. I have taken quite a few photos of them myself but googling was easier than searching and editing. The happy photo was a selfie I took of my baby and I using my DSLR, so we didn't both make it in the photo. Thought it was an interesting shot and crop of me and included it.

All three of my kids had their photo taken by me monthly with these blocks, a bit of a ritual, I thought, so fitting, even if it doesn't talk about it in the journaling. Break was taken while I was very pregnant, but I do talk about how I enjoy the break of waiting for Aaron to get out of school at pick-up.

Lots of water photos to pick from. Thought the baptism photo of Ally was a neat way to represent water as well as sprinkler photos. Used some water drops to embellish the second page.

Love this photo of my kids. Shows a great representation of them at that moment! Another selfie for the second, but we do not take enough photos of the two of us! 

Last but not least, camera. Used a mirror reflected photograph for the camera of a selfie I took for Ash Wednesday. Thought it was cool to have the camera in my hands. Took a new photo of the camera with the new lenses I got for my birthday last month.

There you have it! Priority #3 is crossed off the list. Finished this class in a bit over a year. That's good considering having a 3 month old when I started the class!

Now I am on to Priority #4- Maddie's Baby Album. Time to get it organized! Can't make progress on it if I don't know what needs to be done to finish it!

Thanks for looking!

Thursday, November 10, 2016

31 More Things - Memory Quote Feet Learn Fear Path 7:30pm and Paper

After searching my photo library, I was able to finish up a handful of 31 More Thing layouts from Ali Edwards' class.

I had taken a photo of some picture frames I had gotten last year and finally hung up and thought it was perfect for the topic of memory. The quote photo was a screen shot of my quotes board on Pinterest. 

For feet, I had created this collage of my feet in all of the season for my 2013 Project Life album and figured it was perfect for this as well. 

Fear was a hard one. I opted for a photo of a friend of mine on the Tower of Terror in Disneyland. Not a timely photo for the journaling, but love to have it here.

Path used another oldie but goodie photo. The photo for 7:30pm was taken at that time on the day of the journaling. Love that it captured that moment. Gives me the itch to participate in Day in the Life more often.

These photos span a fairly large time frame. The first is my pages in progress pile as well as my scraps in my old studio before I had to give this room up for the baby. The second some papers from the kids' school on the fridge. 

So there you have it! On my way to completing this class up! 5 more topics to go!

Really love this class! Have ideas to go back in a few more years and revisit some of the topics from both classes like technology and transportation to see how they have changed. So many of my stories told! Love it!

Monday, November 7, 2016

31 More Things - Most Important Thing & Make up

Now that I had completed Priority #2 (see last months posts), I moved on to #3 since I am on the fence on what photos I have on hand for completing the last 2 challenges of Shimelle's class.

I have had the journaling complete for Ali's 31 More Things class for over 6 months, but haven't sat down to figure out pictures for each of the topics and tweak the digital layouts to completion. I had most of the digital layouts ready to go, ready for the photos to be dropped in so I have been able to complete these rather quickly.

For this layout, I had to take a picture of my make up to add to this one. With a new lens I got for my birthday, this made it a bit more fun to play around with the composition. 

Love this class, the stories it gets me telling and the simple and quick design. 

Stay tuned for more!

Saturday, November 5, 2016


Here is a layout that I recently completed using some leftovers from my Basic Grey KOTM from 2011, maybe. 

There were train icons in this collection that lended itself to this set of photos. 

The title was something from my stash (a gift from my mom) from Michaels. I decided since I didn't have a whole lot to say, that I would write my journaling directly on the background of my layout.

This kit contained stickers, fabric brads and die cuts. I used some of Tim Holts gears and brads to embellish the page. I also found some rhinestones in my stash that would tie in the title.

Enjoyed creating these embellishment clusters!

Loved this BG line, will miss them greatly, now that they are no longer making paper products!

Thanks for taking a look!

Thursday, November 3, 2016

All Lined Up

Here is another layout from my pages in progress pile. Finally got a title, journaling and finishing touches to deem it complete. 

This layout uses product from MME Alphabet Soup collection as well as the road paper that I have no idea who makes it because I bought it from someone at a crop for a dime-- a total win!

I had printed the top photo as a 4x12 at Persnickety and trimmed a bit of it down on the top and bottom. Love how the photo spans the width of the page!

I have found that when I design a page without the though of journaling, I tend to either use a journaling card (which is good because I have way too many) or I print my journaling on strips to add it. I am wordy, so typing it is my usual go to.

I did sneak a Collections Story Stamp on the page, since this page was about my son's Hot Wheel collection.

I created the title using Simple Stories Alphas and some wood veneer arrows. 

Another page complete! 

**I have completed a few other layouts from the pile, but I had used Scrapbook Generation kits and not my own original design, so have decided not to add them to my blog. I have completed what I intended to complete from this pile this quarter!