Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Project Life November 12-18, 2012

Summer break is officially over for the kids so I can get back to work! :)

Used an old paper line from Cosmo Cricket for this layout. Still loving using up my stash for my Project Life layouts. Only part I struggle with is having places to journal. There was a cut apart sheet that had a handful of 3x4 cards, but since I had so much to say this week, I had to create some of my own.

Loving some new stamps used on this week. Amy Tan's calendar stamp, (I cut the S off and added to the end so my week like my PL weeks start.) Studio Calico currents stamp, and Citrus Twists Rated stamp. Always have an Ali Edwards stamp on there somewhere (this is life.).

I am currently taking Project Life Lessons class at BPC. Thought it might give me some tips to help stream line my process. Find ways to improve the way I do things so I can accomplish more in less time and still love it. One of the things that was discussed was a Week in Review card. Here is an example of one of mine. Font is small. Too much to say. Note to self, 4x6 card next time.

Here is another type of week in review, but this one is themed.

My Mom has started to celebrate Thanksgiving the Sunday beforehand. This has been such a blessing to us. We don't have to stress about trading holidays and none of my siblings have to either!

Took so many family shots that I added an insert to hold all of the pictures from this day.

Here is the back of that insert.

Hope to be able to pick up the pace on some of my Project Life spreads and hope to share another with you soon!

Monday, September 16, 2013

WITL- Sunday 2013

Got ready for church. Madeline had to get his hair combed, she had crazy hair from her braids from the day before. Talked about getting her hair cut. 

Madeline wanted to comb Daddy's hair too.

Started our day at mass this morning. I loved hearing Madeline and Aaron singing along! Madeline loves singing "Alleluia." Aaron has been learning most of the songs we sing at Church Music class at school.

Tom and I had told Madeline we would get her hair cut after church. It was after church and she was ready to go. right. that. second. 

She did really well letting the lady cut her hair. Madeline followed directions when asked to tilt her head. She also asked questions about why the lady sprayed her hair. She got about 4 inches cut off and for being so good got to pick out a grape lolly pop.

Back home we cleaned,

we played,

got boo-boos,

and made a birthday card for Jake's eighteenth party.

Afterwards we headed to my sister's house for the party. There we found lots of family, good food

like kettle corn, chicken and veggie kabobs, mac-n-cheese, and more!

Madeline enjoyed all of the puppies, new friends, and hanging out with the family.

Aaron enjoyed playing soccer in the yard with Josh, Mason, and Brayden.

And who can pass up chocolate cake? (other than me of course:) Aaron had to wait for the perfect piece!

Happy 18th Birthday, Jake!

Tom and I watched random bits of movies tonight before heading off to bed. The end of the Hangover, the end of X-Men First Class and the beginning of X-Men The Last Stand

WITL- Saturday 2013

When Madeline woke up today at 6:45am, I was grateful that Tom got up with her and took her downstairs to watch TV. I didn't stay in bed for long, and found the kids watching Henry Hugglemonster and Blues Clues.

Kids had cereal for breakfast and got dressed in their soccer uniforms. 

"I help you, Daddy?"Madeline said, as she tried to tie Tom's shoes. She has been wanting to learn how to tie her shoes ever since Aaron learned last year.

Aaron's team, the Cheetahs, played the orange team. Half of the first graders at Aaron's school are on his team, the other half on the orange. They are a tough team to beat. Aaron had the chance to play goalie, defenseman, and striker in this game.

Kerry, Eric, Josh, and Hailey came to watch Aaron and Maddie play today. Madeline enjoyed being able to play on Eric and Kerry's phones. She played memory and drawing games.

She also kicked the ball around with Josh. 

Then after taking Madeline down to the bathroom and getting her shin guards and soccer shoes on, it was time for Madeline's game.

Madeline loves the start of play. Unfortunately she thinks she gets the ball everytime. It is taking her a bit to understand the other team gets a turn as well as other players on the team. This is one of the few times in the game that she has the ball, I think that's why she likes it.

Madeline gets very distracted during the game. She saw a baby and headed off field to give it a hug. She stopped to play with the grass after the ball was stolen from her. She also could be found stuck in the back of the goal's net. Her hair band fell over her eyes for a bit and she thought it was funny to play blind folded.

I was proud that this game she knew not to start playing until she heard the whistle, that she kept after the ball more this game, as well as didn't ask for as many water breaks.

After soccer was done, the kids had a bit of a costume party. They tried on all kinds of costumes. Some were old Halloween costumes, some Memaw had found at garage sales.

Aaron played a bit of Angry Birds before heading to Bounce U, for a classmate's birthday party.

Madeline and I went outside to play while the boys were gone. Madeline played with the sidewalk chalk. She created a picture of Daddy. 

Then the two of us enjoyed some time riding scooters.

Tom came home after buying a new pair of tennis shoes. He had worn out his old pair so much that the holes in the soles were letting water in to get his socks wet.

We ate tacos for dinner without Aaron. He was getting pizza at the party.

Aaron came home, saying he had a really good time. They played in the dark this time, since they were all six. He did come home with a shiner and cuts on his thumbs, but didn't seem to bother him.

Aaron and Daddy (with a little help from Madeline) played with Aaron's remote controlled Mario Karts.  

Aaron played a bit more of Angry Birds while Madeline watched Doc McStuffins before heading up to bed. All the while Tom read his Nook (Fantasy Football stats?)

Tom and I watched a few episodes of The Big Bang Theory rerun episodes before heading up for bed.

WITL- Friday 2013

At 6:30am, Madeline woke me up. It was a good thing to, because I had forgotten to set the alarm, and we would have been late otherwise.

I got ready for the day, and woke Aaron up. He wanted Chocolate Chex for breakfast. "You have to eat the white ones, too, " I said. But he was "full" before he finished them all.

Aaron was buying his lunch, Papa John's pizza, at school today, so I didn't need to pack him anything. We practiced his spelling words for the week and then his "star of the day" presentation at school. 

With the few minutes Aaron had before heading to school, he joined Maddie in watching Doc McStuffins. Before heading to the car, Aaron gave me a big hug. He said, "You are so warm." Love that he still wants to give me hugs!

Madeline had her breakfast after dropping Aaron off at school.

I gave Madeline a bath, since with the busy evening before, I didn't have the chance. Maddie is wanting to be more independent. She wanted to put her own earplugs in (she did a great job!) and scrub herself (which required some assistance). I listened as Madeline sang "Part of Your World" in the tub. 

Brushing Madeline's hair has become more difficult the longer it gets. Madeline does a pretty good job letting me brush and braid or pull it back, when it needs it, though.

With Madeline having no school on Fridays, and us missing the library earlier in the week, we decided to spend our morning there.

We ran into a class visiting the library and they were being read a Fly Guy book. Madeline decided to pull up a chair and said, "My turn to be the teacher." She then read the kids the book! The guy was really nice in letting her do her thing, and even the kids asked her to read another. Of course, when the kids started to get up Maddie would say, "Excuse me, please sit down." and when they started talking she said, "Please be quiet. We are in the library!" So grateful that this teacher let Madeline Shine!

Madeline also met another girl and became friends with her. She read Brave to her. Found out that she played soccer in the same league and they might see each other at Saturday's game!

Brought back home, two movies, two Flip activities and a ton of books! I love the library!

In Madeline's Flip, there was a game for us to play. She learned how to raise her shoulders like a buffalo.

After we had finished lunch, Tom came home. Madeline was so excited to see him! "Welcome home, Daddy!" she said. "How was work today?" She wanted him to play with her right away, but he hadn't eaten lunch yet, so we read books instead.

Tom took over reading once he had finished lunch.

Before getting Aaron from school, Tom thought it would be a good idea to get some of Aaron's birthday gifts off his list. We went to Toys R Us, Walmart, Target, and Dicks to find his presents. We think he has us on a wild goose chase with the Star Wars Lego set on his wish list!

We went directly to pick Aaron up from school. Tom hates when I take pictures like this. I struggle to include him in our albums because of it. Snuck this one while we were waiting for Aaron to be released. Aaron was excited to see that Dad was there to pick him up.

Aaron was super excited about his Flip pack! He loved the play money, the calculator and the things he could "buy". 

Aaron opted not to watch a movie, even though it was Movie Day, so Madeline got to pick. She picked The Princess and the Frog. Tom laid down with her as she watched her movie.

Aaron played, doing calculations while Madeline watched her movie. He joined in watching about half way through, even though Madeline had moved onto playing "food truck".

Madeline found Aaron's skeleton costume in her room and decided it was time to scare all of us with it!

We ordered Domino's pizza for dinner. Madeline and I had pepperoni and pineapple, while Aaron had cheese and Tom had sausage and onion. We have recently been ordering from them because we found it was cheaper than buying frozen pizza from the grocery store!

Took the kids to play miniture golf. Aaron had been asking to go for a while. Since Tom started taking him to the golf driving range.

Wasn't a relaxing, fun time as I had hoped. Aaron had to take a potty break, after denying the need to go for 6 holes. Aaron was excited to play, he was the first to go, and he would take off to check the next hole. Madeline would want to follow suit, so always had to have a hand on her at all times. Then Madeline had an accident. Made her play with wet pants until we were finished.  Both kids had a good enough time that they can't wait to go back. Might be a while until I am up for it though.

Tom got the kids cleaned up, and into bed while I went to get gas, a prescription filled, and a birthday gift for the party Aaron is attending tomorrow.

Watched When in Rome, a Netflix DVD, with Tom until I was too tired from the medicine I was taking to stay awake. Realized it was a Woody Allen film, and didn't get it anyway, so we returned it without watching the whole thing.