Thursday, July 10, 2014

Project Life- June 9-15, 2014

I know. It has been a while since I have posted anything. I knew this would happen. I knew there would be a point this year where I would be so busy living my life that there wouldn't be time for scrapbooking it. I am proud that this is the first time I have gotten more than a week or so behind since going digital. 

In part, I did have a week that I was on vacation. When I got back, I just wasn't in the mood to scrapbook. It was more than that. I didn't even want to upload the hundreds of photos I had taken on vacation to the computer. 

It took me a week to do that and once I did, I still wasn't up to doing anything with them or finishing up with this layout. 

This happens to me sometimes, where I just don't feel creative or crafty. I was happy just looking at other people's layouts and ideas.

Couple of things in the scrapbook world were announced as well. Two Peas closing. While I was never big on their message boards or posting my layouts there, I LOVE the videos that they provided. I had been addicted to Nichol Magourik's videos when she was a Garden Girl, who I can thank for my addiction to Ali Edward's stamps. Then I was addicted to Shimelle's videos for 4x6 Photo Love and then Glittergirl. I can honestly say that I had purchased from 2Peas in the past few months. While, I was never a big shopper with them, I had shopped with them before.  

I also heard the news that Ali Edwards is leaving Technique Tuesday. While I am not shocked by this news, I was a little saddened that more things were changing in the scrapbook industry that I loved. Hoping that Ali still creates high quality stamps where ever she ends up designing. (American Crafts?)

Okay, onto my layout.

Not a whole lot going on with this layout. Most of it is playing with fonts and using Ali's edge sentiments. 

For the next few weeks, not sure how much I am going to get done. My husband is out of town on business for a couple of weeks, the kids are with me 24/7 and I have been quite the bookworm these days. Hoping to make something soon!

Thanks for looking and reading my ramblings!

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  1. I may have said this before, but I am really loving these digital layouts. I really think I may have to try this next year. I am way behind, which I am ok with, but stories are harder to tell when you are recounting them 3 months later. I journal, but sometimes I think it would be helpful if I do things more real time. Totally need to set something up before the end of the year to get a Photoshop lesson from you...not to mention some croping time. Thanks for sharing.