Saturday, January 7, 2012

December Daily Day 25

Day 25: So I finally finished Christmas day! I was held up because I didn't know if I just wanted the one photo on the left or if I wanted to add the collage on the right. Once I realized I was going to use a collage, I couldn't decide if I was going to wait for some photos from my family to round out the people in them, but I decided to go ahead with what I had to finish it up!

Almost used a page out of a day planner with the hourly times on it but two things were wrong with it. It only had times during an normal work day (8-6) and our day started and ended outside of those times, and  the one I had was blue. Not very Christmasy. I opted to hand write it myself.

Used November 2011's Studio AE stamp set along with the Ali Edwards December Daily set.

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  1. The collage photo is a great way to capture lots of pictures for a day like Christmas! Nice job!