Monday, April 25, 2016

31 More Things - She says

Here today to share another 31 More Things layout from Ali Edwards' class.

This layout, I had too much to say to put onto one 6x12 layout, so I used both for the same topic. This is also something I did with the other class. 

I used some "strips" on the bottom of the right page to give some balance and color. Seemed pretty bare, since the text was pretty left-heavy. 

The photo was taken at the pumpkin patch. The only one where I could find me with all 3 kids in a more candid shot. I didn't want the pumpkins to detract or clash with the layout, but black and white didn't seem right either so I used a new action in PSE v.14 and brought the saturation down quite a bit. Love how it turned out.

Thanks for looking. Hope to share some more soon!

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