Tuesday, July 17, 2012

31 Things- Shoes

Finally got back on track with my 31 Things album. Lost track of which topics I wrote for, which I needed to take pictures for and what pages needed to get put together.

When creating this layout I struggled with the lower right corner. I moved the pieces around a hundred times. Then I asked my husband what he thought. That was a big mistake. He gave me the normal "Looks good to me." I would move something and ask again and get the same response. We then had a lengthy discussion about how it's all opinion when it comes to art. I argued that there tend to be some good design principles like balance and color that can determine if things look good. He agreed but argued anything beyond that was opinion. That's what I get for being married to a logically thinking physicist!

Fun thing! I just won a spot in the 28 Days of Sketches:Round 2 class at Big Picture Classes! I am so excited! Hope to see some of you in class!

I have small feet. I wear a 6.5 shoe size but tend to get size 7 in tennis shoes. 

I have fewer shoes than Tom does. He has all of the different shoes he needs for all of the sports he likes to play. He has golf shoes, basketball shoes, running shoes, black shoes for work, brown shoes for work, sandals, slippers, and more.

I have quite a few pairs of shoes, but I don’t wear most of them. 

I have a white pair of Nike tennis shoes, but with my feet hurting me lately it may be time to buy a new pair. I have an old grey pair of Nikes as well. I held onto them incase I needed an old pair to muck in the mud in. 

I have a pair of black flip-flops that have rainbow colored peace signs on them. I had the kids with me when I bought these this summer and Aaron told me I needed them instead of the plain black ones. 

I also have a pair of Chuck look-a-likes that are open in the back. I bought these so when I needed to run outside for something or quickly wanted to throw on a pair of shoes I could slip these on, no problem.

A pair of Doc Marin leather sandals that my dad bought for me almost 15 years ago still have a place in my closet. The soles are worn a bit uneven, but I love them and can’t bear to part with them. I also have Doc Martin boots. These are not your ordinary boots! I bought these on my trip to Europe, while in London. They are pink, blue and white with drawings of British flags, guardsmen, double-decker buses and other London images. Not the most practical and even harder to find clothes to wear with, but a great souvenir! 

I have four pairs of black dress shoes. One pair I wear the most. They are my flats. I am all about comfort and these are the least fussy pair I own. I own another pair that are platform sandals. These have been around a while and probably have sand from the beach in them from California. Two pairs of black heals, both that were purchased to wear with a school dance in high school. Both are strappy numbers that I wear to something fancy.

I have a couple pairs of white heals in my collection of shoes. One is a strappy number and another pair that has a butterfly on the top. Both were purchased for my wedding. The first for the wedding day and the second for the rehearsal and dinner.

Three more pairs of dressy shoes are in my closet. One is a brightly striped heal. It was worn with my bridesmaids dress in Dan and Carrie’s wedding. Another is a silver pair that I wore in Jennifer’s wedding. 

My last pair of dressy shoes are my clear plastic ones, my “glass slippers.” Another pair that are over 15 years old. I saw these shoes in Teen Magazine (prom addition?) and had to have them. My mom graciously drove me across town to purchase them from a bridal shop. I wanted something romantic and unique for my senior prom and they were a perfect match for my dress. ☺ Only thing is they fog up! I would put them on to have them frosted over around my toes from the perspiration of my feet. There were some ventilation holes for this but obviously not enough. So much for romantic!

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