Monday, April 16, 2012

Been a while....

I haven't blogged in a while. It has been because I haven't scrapped in a while! Nothing to completion anyway! Been reading and watching Mad Men (now on season 2).

I did just put in an order for over 200 photos.

Been busy organizing my next big project, Madeline's baby album. Her baby book is a side project to that. The journaling that goes into the album will also be put in the monthly sections of that.

Project Life is in planning stages. :) Until I get photos, it is hard to complete anything. Here are some photo collages I put together for Project Life.  The first is of a trip to the Magic House.

This is a collage I put together for a walk that Madeline and I took looking at the signs of spring.

I am loving that random photos from our day to day routine now have a home. That I don't have to try to include a layout for every trip to the Magic House! Love that it has a place to store bits and pieces of our life, like some of Aaron's artwork.

Hope to share some layouts soon! Working on something now, just have to wrap it up with some journaling.

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