Monday, April 23, 2012

Project Life Week 1-23-12

So here is my first completed Project Life layout. If you want to learn more about what Project Life is, go here.

Trying to figure out how much "stuff" I want to add to my PL pages. I haven't decided if I want to have titles on my date block (eg: Week3). Trying to decide how I want to link the journaling card to the photos (in this one I did a few things, put the day of the week on both and used arrows.) I also realized with this project that I have more words usually than I have stuff. Trying to figure out how fit it all in :)

May be a bit difficult to read some of this. The typed journaling card is actually an email sent from Aaron's preschool that had photos attached of him in class. I love that on occasion they do this so I can include these moments even though I am not there!

On this page, it was a big deal this week that Chuck had ended, so I found an image off the internet to print to add. I also added this card from Cabela's that Madeline found because I didn't take pictures of our trip shopping there.

Lots of holes to fill for the next few weeks....some pictures that got overlooked for printing. A lot of journaling cards that have to be filled out....hoping to get into a groove with the project soon!

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