Monday, January 12, 2015

Project Life - November 17-23, 2014

Here is my Project Life layout for November 17-23, 2014.

This layout took way too long to finish. Part of the reason was that I was short on photos this week, and since I wasn't doing it right after the fact, I didn't have many extra details to add into the extra pockets. Not as many words and not as many photos, meant more work for me.

I combined the two middle journaling cards on this page to have what words I did have, take up a bit more real estate. 

The other thing that created more work for me, was the cub scout photo was emailed to me and not a very large file, so I couldn't have it take up the whole 4x6 photo. That meant I had to create layers and   clusters and things to fill the space.

On the second page, I didn't get a photo of the birthday party to add to one of the 4x6 spaces, so I compromised by looking up my Netflix and Goodreads history to see what I was watching and reading during the week to fill the spot. Again, layers meant more work.

Overall, I like how the layout came out and I happy to have another week completed. Hoping to knock out a few more this week.

On my to do list this week is to also get my December Daily in order. I am attending an all day crop in two weeks, so I want to have my photos and stuff ready to go to complete as much of it as I can there. 

Thanks for looking!

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