Monday, November 14, 2016

31 More Things - Spirit Hair Mess Move Sweet Happy Ritual Break Water Heart & Camera

Here are the last of my 31 More Things Class layouts completed! So happy to have this done and off my perpetual To-Do list!

This topic was not part of this class. Ali had repeated the topic Drink from 31 Things and it wasn't one that I felt I needed to do again. However, I had written 2 on Spirit and only created a layout on one of them so I decided to add it to this class instead to make it 31 Things.

Used some photos of my hair cut 2 years ago where I was able to donate 13 inches of hair. The second is a before shot taken by my son in the hair salon where I got it cut.

There are always messes around here and I actually take pictures of them sometimes so actually had a few to pick from!

Used photos from our move from California for this one.

I actually opted to use a stock photo for the Oreos. I have taken quite a few photos of them myself but googling was easier than searching and editing. The happy photo was a selfie I took of my baby and I using my DSLR, so we didn't both make it in the photo. Thought it was an interesting shot and crop of me and included it.

All three of my kids had their photo taken by me monthly with these blocks, a bit of a ritual, I thought, so fitting, even if it doesn't talk about it in the journaling. Break was taken while I was very pregnant, but I do talk about how I enjoy the break of waiting for Aaron to get out of school at pick-up.

Lots of water photos to pick from. Thought the baptism photo of Ally was a neat way to represent water as well as sprinkler photos. Used some water drops to embellish the second page.

Love this photo of my kids. Shows a great representation of them at that moment! Another selfie for the second, but we do not take enough photos of the two of us! 

Last but not least, camera. Used a mirror reflected photograph for the camera of a selfie I took for Ash Wednesday. Thought it was cool to have the camera in my hands. Took a new photo of the camera with the new lenses I got for my birthday last month.

There you have it! Priority #3 is crossed off the list. Finished this class in a bit over a year. That's good considering having a 3 month old when I started the class!

Now I am on to Priority #4- Maddie's Baby Album. Time to get it organized! Can't make progress on it if I don't know what needs to be done to finish it!

Thanks for looking!

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