Thursday, November 10, 2016

31 More Things - Memory Quote Feet Learn Fear Path 7:30pm and Paper

After searching my photo library, I was able to finish up a handful of 31 More Thing layouts from Ali Edwards' class.

I had taken a photo of some picture frames I had gotten last year and finally hung up and thought it was perfect for the topic of memory. The quote photo was a screen shot of my quotes board on Pinterest. 

For feet, I had created this collage of my feet in all of the season for my 2013 Project Life album and figured it was perfect for this as well. 

Fear was a hard one. I opted for a photo of a friend of mine on the Tower of Terror in Disneyland. Not a timely photo for the journaling, but love to have it here.

Path used another oldie but goodie photo. The photo for 7:30pm was taken at that time on the day of the journaling. Love that it captured that moment. Gives me the itch to participate in Day in the Life more often.

These photos span a fairly large time frame. The first is my pages in progress pile as well as my scraps in my old studio before I had to give this room up for the baby. The second some papers from the kids' school on the fridge. 

So there you have it! On my way to completing this class up! 5 more topics to go!

Really love this class! Have ideas to go back in a few more years and revisit some of the topics from both classes like technology and transportation to see how they have changed. So many of my stories told! Love it!

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