Thursday, September 12, 2013

WITL- Wednesday 2013

Today was a bit of a rough day. Things just did not seem to be going my way, or my kids' way for that matter.

It started with Madeline waking up at 3:30am calling for me. She said she was scared. In my exhausted stupor, I threw her in bed with me. BIG MISTAKE! For a bit, she jabbered a bit. She talked about her soccer game this weekend. She was worried Daddy wasn't going to be there. Finally we both went back to sleep. She was all over the bed kicking, rolling on me. She was all over the place! Sleep was not good. 

At 6:20am, I was up getting my shower. Weird to see the bathroom so empty and only one toothbrush there. A little reminder that Tom isn't home.

Maddie was awake when I was done getting ready for the day. Got Aaron up and got him breakfast, put his lunch together for school, and unloaded the dishwasher.

blueberry waffle for Aaron

cinnamon toast for Maddie

Got Aaron off to school with no trouble. Madeline finished her breakfast. She watched Super Why and half of Dinosaur Train and I read before we headed off to her school.

In the car we were rocking out to some Fresh Beat Band on the ipod. They sing "Put your hands up! Put your hand up!" and it was fun to see her dancing to the music! (We were at a stoplight, so no worries!)

My car is a mess. You can see the name tag from the Mother's breakfast at Aaron's school month back, the green ipod plugged in, the Ice Breaker mints the kids ask for every time we get into the car. Plus coupons and other tidbits of life.

I have a photo of my emails for today, but for privacy reasons, I figured it was best not to share here.

I checked my email and blogs. Uploaded yesterday's photos and added the journaling and posted it on my blog. 

Didn't do laundry, even though Wednesday is usually laundry day. With Tom out of town, not a lot to do. I am expecting to have to do it once he is home. 

When checking our bank accounts I realized a bill I thought I paid online, had not been cleared. Upon investigation, I found that I hadn't properly submitted it and had to pay late fee. When I do things like this, I stew about it all day. I think about all of the things I could have gotten with the money, had I not made the mistake, etc. and I get down on myself. 

Picked Madeline up from school and we headed home to eat lunch. Apparently Madeline had other ideas. She saw her tricycle in the garage and decided she would rather take a ride. She has no issues of going off on her own. Grateful we live on a small cul de sac, with little traffic for her safety! Working on teaching her boundries. 

Got a note from her teacher from school today as well. She had to get out the rocking chair for her because she is having issues remaining sitting at circle time. This really bummed me out. Thought we were making progress. Looks like it may have just been the honeymoon stage of the start of school.

my lunch: PB&J with carrots, chips, and a large glass of water.

Madeline wanted her picture taken too!

She started calling me a "silly goose" today. Not sure where she picked that one up. Me? Also heard her say, "Holy Smokes." She totally got that from Aaron!

Madeline and I played games, read book and played with Minnie Mouse dolls. The mice were getting ready for a party. "Play with me, Mommy?" she would say.

Madeline has a tendency to grab something to bring with her in the car whether it's to go to school or pick Aaron up. Today it was a few pots and pans from her kitchen set.

Madeline fell asleep in the car to pick Aaron up from school. Guess she didn't sleep that well this morning either.

Hot day. Car read 97 degrees when we went to pick up Aaron, and 101 degrees on the way out to soccer practice. Can't wait for some fall weather!

Aaron attempted to tell jokes in the car. He just doesn't get what makes a joke funny. 
His attempt today: What is a plane without wings. A plane that can't fly. 
Just. Not. Funny.

Aaron had to complete his homework right after school because after dinner he had soccer practice. He did it well, all on his own. Told him we needed to practice for his "star day" share time at school on Friday, and he lost it! He got super upset saying he didn't have anything special to share. He wasn't smart because he couldn't remember what to say. He cried, threw things, it was a mess. Finally it was late enough to call in back-up. Tom talked to him. He settled down and discovered his teacher said note cards were okay to use. Crisis averted.

Madeline never knows what to do with herself when Aaron gets upset. Today she kept saying, "Aaron's mad. Aaron's sad." Found her reading herself a book in her room while I got dinner on. Breathe, I kept telling myself.

Madeline had a chance to talk to Daddy too. She told him she missed him and said, "I love you, Daddy!" Made my heart melt.

the view of Aaron's room AKA the pit

Dinner tonight was butter and garlic tilapia. I am no chef. Comes frozen, I just bake it. With some white rice and green beans, it's dinner.

Headed to Aaron's soccer practice. There are a TON of kids on the field in the beginning. Both a 2nd grade girls team and Aaron's first grade boys team practice together for half of the time since they share a coach.

Madeline makes friends everywhere, but this one is a favorite of hers. She likes to fix up her hair, play a bit of soccer, and more. She made other new friends tonight sharing chairs and strollers. She had a good time.

Started to cool down as the sun started to set. The bugs also came out in full force. 

After I got the kids down for the night, which was not easy since, Aaron was upset he didn't have time for a treat. I had my typical bedtime treat. My favorite Oreo is the Lemon Twist, but it was a limited edition and I couldn't find anymore at the store. These will do.

Talked to Tom for a bit to review each others day. Can't wait for him to get home. I miss him.

Worked on a Project Life layout for the week before Thanksgiving of last year. Yeah. I am that behind. Being current is so overrated though. :) 

Went to bed thankful to get through the day. Praying for the day to be a bit easier for me tomorrow.

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