Monday, September 16, 2013

WITL-Thursday 2013

This morning Madeline was up at 3am crying for me. I sat with her until she fell back asleep. At 5am she woke up again, but this time she came to my room. I just had her crawl into bed with me.

6:30am I got up for the day, got my shower. 6:50am I woke Aaron up, got him his breakfast, and packed his lunch.

Today I took the time to write him a little note in his lunch bag. My mom used to do this for me and I was so happy when she took the time to do it. I need to do this more!

7am Aaron came down to eat.  7:10am Madeline came down stairs. She was already talking about soccer practice tonight. 7:25am Got in the car to take Aaron to school. Madeline thought it was super fun to wear her pajamas in the car. 7:32am Aaron was dropped off at school. As soon as Aaron was out of the car, Madeline was saying, "not that one either!" to the songs on the ipod.

Today is trash and recycle day. I am so thankful that we recycle more than we throw away! We are trying to be mindful of what we bring in to limit what we have to throw out.

Back at home Madeline got ready for school and watched a bit of Super Why! before she helped me start the laundry. 

Madeline fights me when I hold her hand as we walk through the parking lot to school. She wants to be independent, but has issues remembering to stay near me and being safe.

Today I had a chance to check out their group collage project. Love the bling and butterflies! Madeline said she helped put the rectangles on it.

She played with the goo again today. She wound up putting it in her hair today. I spent some extra time there trying to remove most of it. Yuck!

Back at home I watched a video from my Project Life Lessons Class after I finally finished up a spread that I was working on last night. Checked emails and bank accounts and headed out to get Maddie.

The time I have alone while both kids are at school flies! Never get done what I feel like I should!

early mail + happy mail = happy me

During lunch, Madeline had to point out that her chip looked like a boot. :) Tom called while we ate lunch and Madeline asked him, "Daddy, you come sit by me at lunch?"

Finished up the laundry. Madeline "jumped" in the clothes as I folded. 

The game of the day today was Who Shook Hook? Madeline won, capturing the most treasure!

Once Aaron was home Madeline decided to write a story while Aaron did his homework. After she scribbled a bit wrote a few letters, I heard her say, "Once upon a time.....Sabrina........witch......." Didn't catch it all but it seemed a lot like the Dora and the Snow Princess story. 

Aaron had to finish homework before dinner tonight because Grandma was watching them after Madeline's soccer practice. He did a sheet of math, counted over 200, and wrote his note cards for his Star of the Day presentation.

Aaron picked up this book and began reading it on his own. He said he wanted to bring it in the car to finish it. I was shocked. Usually I have to bribe or force him to read. Loving this change!

For some reason I had it in my head soccer practice was at 5pm instead of we needed to leave the house around 5pm to get to practice on time. We had some time to kill once I realized it, so we headed to Michaels. Told Aaron I would get him his own 50 cent bucket if they had them and a Hotwheels coloring book, if they had that. He found the bucket, but wanted an Angry Bird Star Wars sticker book he wanted and got really upset when I told him I would come back for it. One of the many reasons I shop alone!

Madeline really had fun at soccer practice tonight! They did practice games and divided the girls onto two teams- red and yellow. At first all the girls wanted red and they were trying to get Madeline to take yellow. I told her, "Yellow can be the Buttercups." and she happily took the yellow jersey. When the girls were waiting as a group to start, I heard Madeline chanting the Buttercup motto, "Buttercups, Buttercups, give them room. Buttercups, Buttercups, watch them bloom."

Madeline did a great job listening tonight. I had minimum interference! Love that!

Madeline has also become good friends with Elizabeth. They were holding hands as they went after the ball. So fun!

After practice, we stopped at Chick-fil-a for dinner. Didn't have time to fix dinner. Yummy chicken nuggets, and french fries! Kids got cow watches as their toy in their kids meal.

Grandma Pat came over to watch the kids while I headed out to RCIA. So grateful that she could come over to help out! The kids enjoyed having her over. Aaron thought her time here was too short. He suggested he spend the night at her house next time, just like Sophia and Ellie have.

Discussion tonight was on faith. Lots of information, but most of it I have heard before. 

I came home and talked with Patty about Aaron's upcoming birthday. We then found Aaron was still awake! That little stinker!

Before bed I finished the book Eve, which I really enjoyed. Wish authors could write the whole story in one book, though. Enough of the trilogies! I downloaded the next on my list and went to bed.

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