Wednesday, September 11, 2013


I had to set my alarm this morning. The first time in a really, really long time. I got up at 6:15am, had my shower and got ready. Headed to Aaron's room to wake him up and head down to make his breakfast (Eggo blueberry waffle) and pack his lunch.

Lunch for him was the same as usual. Peanut butter (Peter Pan Plus) and Jelly (Smuckers grape jelly) on Bunny bread whole wheat, petite carrots, and string cheese. Opted for no chips today. He just doesn't have a lot of time to eat.

I was grateful Madeline through my shower today. She came down asking for Daddy. I told her he wasn't here and she said, "Daddy in Ohio, " smiling, knowing that's not where he is. She just has trouble saying Washington D.C. We came down with her purple unicorn (Eenie today.) She came down and had Cocoa Krispies on milk.

Got Aaron to school on time today. Since the last time I had to take him, I got him there a little late, this was a big deal :)

Madeline was ready to play once we got back. We finally took Hokey Pokey Elmo out of the car and she decided to have a picnic with him. I joined them for a bit after I had Maddie's snack packed for school. Love to hear her talk to Elmo when she plays like this!

Madeline was playing with goo today when I left her at school. She had first been assessed by Ms. Cheryl on which numbers she recognized and how well she can count. She knew all of her numbers except zero (she said oh, like the letter) and counted to 8 perfect. 

I came home and mopped the kitchen floor. It will be clean like this until lunchtime :) I then checked my email, checked Facebook, and uploaded yesterdays photos and journaled on the blog while listening to a podcast where Ali Edwards discussed WITL project.

Got a call from Tom, seeing how my morning went. 

Picked Madeline up from school. She was excited to tell me she made an apple tree with Ms. Sarah and got a boo-boo on her knee.

After taking a picture of her knee, she wanted to take some pictures. There were a few of her lap, the back of the seat in front of her, and this one, that turned out pretty well. I may have to give her the camera more often!

When we came in Madeline found that the chairs weren't in the kitchen. "Silly goose!" she called me. She put them all where they went and we had lunch.

Here is the apple tree Madeline had made at school. She cut the paper and drew the apples herself. Love it!

During lunch Madeline kept saying, "I miss Kerry" (sounds like Kewi) "I miss Memaw." We decided to call her. Madeline said, "Can you come over today?" She was so excited when Memaw said yes. "She said yes!" She told me with a smile. 

Madeline was also singing the Big Spider song. Instead of itsy-bitsy, he was huge. She pretended to lift an enormous spider. When the sun came out it was super hot. Then we sang the teeny tiny spider and it only sprinkled to wash it down the water spout. Love this stuff. Don't know if it comes from school, or her imagination, but I LOVE IT!

Madeline is so funny on the phone. She has this whole conversation with me about who she wants to call and what she wants to tell them. Once she is on the phone, she forgets what to say.

Mail truck came super early today--during lunch! Sometimes it comes as late as dinner time so it was a happy surprise that it was here so early. Nothing good, though. Just junk and the mortgage bill.

After Madeline had finished lunch she went to the bathroom to wash her hands. I am not quite sure what she was doing in there. I don't know where the water came from (hopefully not from the toliet, but all bets are off) but she had it everywhere!

Madeline and I played Minnie Mouse dolls and then she decided to be a pirate before Memaw came over to play.

Memaw came over bearing gifts. She's a regular yard saler and finds goodies for the kids. She loves to find stuff the kids will love for quarters. Today she brought Madeline a Tinkerbell doll, a Noah's Ark set and books. 

Madeline stayed to play at the house with Memaw while I picked Aaron up from school. I dropped off most of the books, the video game, and movie we checked out last week. With my mom over, I knew we didn't have time to visit today, and stuff was due back.

I then enjoyed reading Eve, while I waited for Aaron to be released from school. Saw him and the other kids in his class and others coming from the church back to school as I was waiting. Found out that it was Church Music class, not mass, which he attended this morning.

Aaron and I came home to find Madeline with a Tinkerbell hairstyle ready to have a snack. Memaw showed Aaron that she brought him a Cars 2 Monopoly game. He was super excited and was almost going to pass on snack to play!

Memaw loves to give my kids junk food! She brought them lemon gelato and homemade chocolate chip cookies. 

They then read the joke book she got them. Mom thought the jokes were hilarious, more than the kids. Some of the jokes were over their heads.

Madeline's joke:
Knock Knock
Who's there?
Sister who?
Sister Bunny!

Aaron's joke:
How can a cow fly?
A cow plane!

I don't think either get the concept of a joke......

Thankful that my mom will take time out of her busy schedule to hang out with the kids.

Memaw had to head out to Vince's (her father in law) house to have dinner since Diane and Mike were on a trip to Japan. Here is what Aaron created. Love this stuff! 

Also heard Aaron singing I'm Gonna Let It Shine and then made up songs. Surprised to hear him tell Maddie to shut-up. He has never said this around here, and was told not to say it again.

We also collected Aaron's "special things" to bring and talk about at school on Friday. We also practiced what he was going to say.

For dinner, I cheated. I heated this on the stove and called it good. Fixed ready to eat in 10 minutes. Madeline didn't like it much, which I was not surprised at. But with the promise of an ice cream party she finished her dinner.

The kids had s'more flavored ice cream. 

Aaron "taking a photo" of me.

Madeline has been asking for showers lately. Tonight was no different. She hates when I have to put her ear plugs in, but happy to play in the water.

Let the kids watch Sofia the First and Henry Hugglemonster before heading up to give Aaron his shower. I let Madeline pick out a Teeny Beanie Baby while she waited for Aaron to get out. I had let the kids pick one out every week over the summer as a treat.

All clean, it was time to read books and go to bed. I let the kids each pick out 3 books and we read in my bed so we would all fit.

Madeline's picks

Aaron's picks

After the kids were in bed (8:30pm), I headed downstairs. I listened to a scrapinar about organizing scrapbook supplies. I was interrupted a few times with Aaron out of bed. He complained that his tummy hurt. "I had too much sugar at snack time with Memaw," he said. I was interrupted again by Tom's call to share how our day went.

Told him my doctor called to tell me they were sending a prescription in for me that will hopefully get me back to normal. Hope this works!

Listened to another podcast, while I went through and purged and cleaned up my scrap room. I have multiple projects going at the same time, have memorabilia every, it was time to work on it a bit.

Read a bit and went to sleep.

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