Tuesday, September 10, 2013

WITL-Monday 2013

Tom got up a little after 6am and took a shower. Madeline woke up shortly after and I heard her in the bathroom yelling, "I need help right now!" After helping her she climbed in bed with me until Tom was ready. I then got into the shower while he got Aaron up, breakfast given to the kids, and lunch for Aaron packed.

Picture Day today for Aaron at school. He got to dress out of his uniform today.

Started my grocery list once Tom had left with Aaron for school. I list things out the way they are set up in the store. A bit crazy, but I find helpful.

Breakfast for Maddie was Cheerios and cup of milk that didn't really get eaten.

Tom is heading out to Washington, D.C. today for work. He spent the morning packing and preparing for his trip. He printed out his itenerary, directions and more.

Madeline was raring to go today. She was already asking to play games. She requested Kerplunk and thought it was a good thing when the marbles fell.

Madeline watched an episode of Doc McStuffins this morning. She is one flexible little girl!

Madeline made sure to get a "super big hug" and a kiss from Daddy before she headed off to school.

In the car, on the way to school Madeline is sure to ask for mints. She has also been asking for Sofia the First music to be played.

Madeline loves to go to school. Today, she headed to the block area and started to play. Love having the chance to see her in the classroom, playing with her friends and talk a bit with her teachers everyday.

Loving trips to the grocery store by myself. I have my eclectic set of reusable bags, my coupon book, and my list every week.

To keep up with cleaning the house, I have a bit of a schedule going. Mondays I clean one of the bathrooms. Today I cleaned the master bathroom. It is amazing how much soap scum can accumulate in just 3 weeks!

Taking a class at Big Picture Classes, Project Life Lessons and there was a photo challenge. I took a selfie to make sure there are photos of me. Not loving my hair right now. Thinking of chopping it all off again. It has been falling out like crazy and unruly. I have been sporting a pony tail everyday now for a while.

Checked my email. This has become quite a time suck and process. I get emails from Aaron's school, my online classes, sale promotions, link to brain exercises, and more. I am trying to be more conscious of how I spend my time and limit my computer usage. With the online classes, I am struggling a bit more than usual.

Have a couple online classes going on right now. Taking hello story with Ali Edwards, Project Life Lessons, and One Little Word, all at BPC. I watched a video from one of the classes and checked the message boards.

Before long, it was time to pick Madeline up from school. I love pick up time! Madeline is always so excited and happy to see me. In the car, she has started to ask where we are going. Usually asking if we are going to eat lunch. Today she had found the two monies she had found on our trip to the grocery store the other day.

About this time Tom's plane was taking off for his trip.

Madeline's typical lunch is a hot dog ("Too much Maddie!"), carrots, bread, and chips. Today she asked for a big cup like Mommy. I got her a glass of water. 
"Cheers! Now drink!" she said all throughout lunch. I think she thought the sound was cool when our glasses touched.

After lunch and clean-up, Madeline wanted to play more games. She chose 5 Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed game. She won.

I loved playing Memory Animal Families with her today. I love it when she pretends the baby animals kiss their parent when she makes a match and says, "I found you!" She does a pretty good job remembering where the cards are, but she likes to pick the same ones over and over to start off.

After playing 3 rounds of Memory, we got out our books and spent some time reading. I was reading The Maze Runner on my Nook. Madeline was reading Brave on her Tag Reader, or what we call pen computer.

At 2:20pm, we headed out to get Aaron from school. We pulled in our assigned parking spot and waited for the kids to be released. I read a bit and Madeline listened to the Fresh Beat Band on the green ipod. I love this little bit of down time in our day!

Surprised to see Aaron wearing his sweatshirt! It is 100 degrees outside, so the air inside must be pretty cool for him wear it!

Aaron told me he had a substitute teacher. He couldn't remember her name, but knew that she used to teach there, but decided to take a rest and only substitute now.

He wanted me to get a picture of his new smile, without his two bottom teeth. Hard photo to get without him doing a funny face.

Madeline wanted me to take a picture of her teeth too!

For snack at home, Aaron had Angry Bird Cheese Nips. He likes to line them all up and have them attack the pig cracker when he eats them, just like the computer game.

After snack, the kids and I played another memory game and then Aaron just enjoyed playing with the cards on his own. He talked about what place certain animals were. 

Found this on the counter after he said he was off to color. 

He realized soon after that it was Monday- Video game day. I have designated one day a week that the kids can play video games before dinner time. Last school year it was Wednesdays, this year he opted for Mondays. With him having soccer on Wednesday and needing to do his homework after school because of it, seemed like a good idea to switch days. He was playing a California car game on the Playstation 3.

Madeline seeing Aaron coloring in his notebook eariler, decided to play Blues Clues with her notebook too.

Liking our new dishwasher. Not much different from the one we had before this so I know the best way to fit everything. While kids were playing I unloaded the dishwasher and then finished the rest of my book, The Maze Runner.

Made spaghetti and crescent rolls for dinner. Madeline loves helping me roll up the dough to put it in the oven. The kids watched Arthur while I cooked.

At this point in the day, I am starting to feel like a single parent. I had to clean up after dinner alone, with two kids wanting to do other stuff. I swear I clean under the table multiple times a day and it still looks filthy! Madeline must have learned how to eat from her dad. :)

After dinner was cleaned up, the kids and I headed outside to play. They started with playing with chalk. Aaron was making a Bad Piggies vehicle (like the computer game) and Madeline said she was drawing balloons. Aaron corrected his spelling when I mentioned it was incorrect.

Madeline has gotten really good at riding her tricycle! She was cruising all over the cul de sac! Almost too good, because she likes to head down the street on her own.

Been a while since Aaron has had his bicycle out. He was doing really well riding it around too. Time to get him a bigger helmet, I think, though.

My gerber daisy came back from last year but it hadn't had any blooms until now. So worth giving it time to grow!

Aaron headed inside since it was so hot out. Madeline enjoyed talking to Aaron through the window. Love when they play like this together.

Soon it was bedtime. Got Madeline in her pajamas and had the kids up to brush their teeth. 

Read 3 books to Madeline. This Little Polar Bear book, a Marley book, and another library book about a baby duck. Aaron wound up sitting in a listening to the books Madeline picked out.

I read 3 Mater Tales stories out of this library book after giving Madeline a super big hug, turning out the lights, and putting on her Sofia the First CD.

Aaron managed to get out of bed at least 3 more times after giving him a hug goodnight. Once for the bathroom, a couple to blow his nose, and I don't even think he knows why for the last few times.

I watched Love It or List It while I uploaded photos to my blog and journaled about last week. I looked at a bit more class content for Project Life Lessons. 

Tom called and I called him back to his room, since he only has so many minutes on his phone. Times like these, his phone plan sucks, otherwise we save quite a bit of money.

Checked my email one last time. Hoping to win a spot in the upcoming photography class after missing the promotional price. Up for it on a handful of blogs. Saw there was a deal on a Studio Calico project life kit and bit the bullet and bought it. Thought it was a good opportunity and price to check it out.

Headed up to bed and started reading Eve on my Nook, that I checked out from the library. Got into the book more than I thought I would and didn't turn off the light until around 11:30pm.

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