Monday, September 16, 2013

WITL- Sunday 2013

Got ready for church. Madeline had to get his hair combed, she had crazy hair from her braids from the day before. Talked about getting her hair cut. 

Madeline wanted to comb Daddy's hair too.

Started our day at mass this morning. I loved hearing Madeline and Aaron singing along! Madeline loves singing "Alleluia." Aaron has been learning most of the songs we sing at Church Music class at school.

Tom and I had told Madeline we would get her hair cut after church. It was after church and she was ready to go. right. that. second. 

She did really well letting the lady cut her hair. Madeline followed directions when asked to tilt her head. She also asked questions about why the lady sprayed her hair. She got about 4 inches cut off and for being so good got to pick out a grape lolly pop.

Back home we cleaned,

we played,

got boo-boos,

and made a birthday card for Jake's eighteenth party.

Afterwards we headed to my sister's house for the party. There we found lots of family, good food

like kettle corn, chicken and veggie kabobs, mac-n-cheese, and more!

Madeline enjoyed all of the puppies, new friends, and hanging out with the family.

Aaron enjoyed playing soccer in the yard with Josh, Mason, and Brayden.

And who can pass up chocolate cake? (other than me of course:) Aaron had to wait for the perfect piece!

Happy 18th Birthday, Jake!

Tom and I watched random bits of movies tonight before heading off to bed. The end of the Hangover, the end of X-Men First Class and the beginning of X-Men The Last Stand

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