Monday, September 16, 2013

WITL- Saturday 2013

When Madeline woke up today at 6:45am, I was grateful that Tom got up with her and took her downstairs to watch TV. I didn't stay in bed for long, and found the kids watching Henry Hugglemonster and Blues Clues.

Kids had cereal for breakfast and got dressed in their soccer uniforms. 

"I help you, Daddy?"Madeline said, as she tried to tie Tom's shoes. She has been wanting to learn how to tie her shoes ever since Aaron learned last year.

Aaron's team, the Cheetahs, played the orange team. Half of the first graders at Aaron's school are on his team, the other half on the orange. They are a tough team to beat. Aaron had the chance to play goalie, defenseman, and striker in this game.

Kerry, Eric, Josh, and Hailey came to watch Aaron and Maddie play today. Madeline enjoyed being able to play on Eric and Kerry's phones. She played memory and drawing games.

She also kicked the ball around with Josh. 

Then after taking Madeline down to the bathroom and getting her shin guards and soccer shoes on, it was time for Madeline's game.

Madeline loves the start of play. Unfortunately she thinks she gets the ball everytime. It is taking her a bit to understand the other team gets a turn as well as other players on the team. This is one of the few times in the game that she has the ball, I think that's why she likes it.

Madeline gets very distracted during the game. She saw a baby and headed off field to give it a hug. She stopped to play with the grass after the ball was stolen from her. She also could be found stuck in the back of the goal's net. Her hair band fell over her eyes for a bit and she thought it was funny to play blind folded.

I was proud that this game she knew not to start playing until she heard the whistle, that she kept after the ball more this game, as well as didn't ask for as many water breaks.

After soccer was done, the kids had a bit of a costume party. They tried on all kinds of costumes. Some were old Halloween costumes, some Memaw had found at garage sales.

Aaron played a bit of Angry Birds before heading to Bounce U, for a classmate's birthday party.

Madeline and I went outside to play while the boys were gone. Madeline played with the sidewalk chalk. She created a picture of Daddy. 

Then the two of us enjoyed some time riding scooters.

Tom came home after buying a new pair of tennis shoes. He had worn out his old pair so much that the holes in the soles were letting water in to get his socks wet.

We ate tacos for dinner without Aaron. He was getting pizza at the party.

Aaron came home, saying he had a really good time. They played in the dark this time, since they were all six. He did come home with a shiner and cuts on his thumbs, but didn't seem to bother him.

Aaron and Daddy (with a little help from Madeline) played with Aaron's remote controlled Mario Karts.  

Aaron played a bit more of Angry Birds while Madeline watched Doc McStuffins before heading up to bed. All the while Tom read his Nook (Fantasy Football stats?)

Tom and I watched a few episodes of The Big Bang Theory rerun episodes before heading up for bed.

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