Monday, February 2, 2015

Project Life - December 22-31, 2014

Here is my Project Life layout for December 22-31, 2014.

If you notice, the 22-31 is actually a week and a half. Wasn't sure how I was going to handle the half week, until I noticed how few photos I took. Well, that I didn't take of Christmas and are included in my December Daily.

I opted to combine them all to fill up the two pages and end the year on that note.

Didn't use a specific kit for this layout. I used some free papers from Persnickety Prints and embellishments from my December Daily kit from last year. 

Because there was overlap on the days of the week, I used the numbers and put the day of the week under it for clarification.

Learning how to use the magic wand tool in PSE to clip things like titles from cards so I can place them as brushes or stamps wherever I like. Did that on the Christmas morning title.

Used some photos off the internet of a movie poster and New Year's Eve. Helps to fill in those gaps with pictures when I don't have photos to add. 

Happy to be wrapping up my 2014 album! I have to fill in the summer gap and the month of January that I hadn't started since I went digital in February 2014. All in all I think I have 10 layouts to complete, not to mention a end page, before I am ready to send off to be printed. I haven't decided where to print, so I will definitely be shopping around!

Thanks for looking!

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