Friday, September 26, 2014

Procrastinator Challenge - still in progress

In Stash Bash, I found one of my biggest problems in my process. You can see it in the photo below.

See the paper rack in the middle? Those are my pages in progress. These are pages that there is something that the layout still needs to be complete. Some are dates, most are journaling, others it is a title and for very few it is finishing touches.

So how did it get this way? 

I struggle with journaling at crops.

I get a lot of pages started and to almost completion but I can't finish it because I can't get my mind quieted in a group event to decide what I want to say. 

Sometimes I know I need my computer to fit all the journaling. 

There were even a two layouts that I had no story for, and actually dismantled the pages and threw most of it away, not wanting to finish it or have it take up space in my album! GASP! (More on the left overs for this on another post.)

Look at the pile of layouts that just need journaling and the date! And these are the ones I considered high priority stories. 

Here are the rest. The ones on top are low priority stories. Things like Disney character meetings and such. 

The bottom layouts require more to complete them. 

I have then vowed that I am not to create one more layout that can't be completed. I hope to be able to  bring as many layouts to completion before starting new projects. That includes December Daily. 

Hoping to share these layouts completed soon!

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