Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Stash Bash - During

Here are some photos that I took during the event. 

Challenge #7- Clean Sweep 
Make boxes for trash, sell/give. Set timer for 20 minutes and declutter a space.

I have a bag for recycling as well, which got very full over these 5 days! As well as three give away piles, my mom (has a scrappy business where she can give stuff away as prizes if never opened), donate, and my kids.

This was an easy declutter area to do first. Don't know if I was ruthless enough, but I did have a handful of clips empty by the end!

Also tackled my white paper scraps. I pulled out all the stamping paper and full sheets of 12x12 for backgrounds and purged a lot of unusable scraps.

I also attacked my card stock scraps. Going from the orange box to a container that was repurposed for them. I had to eliminate a good number of scraps to get them to fit!

That was for challenge #9- The Office Space
Reorganizing a supply so it is more efficient in the space.

Here is an after shot of my card shelf. The right of it is the most impressive of it all! I got rid of a box worth of stuff!

Another must area was the book shelf. I organized all the professional photos. My son's are organized by school year, the Santa and Bunny photos are all together and in date order. All of the portraits are organized as well. I also purged an idea day by day calendar off the shelf.

It was a good start. There are more areas that were cleaned up and I will show more soon! I have things to share every day for the next week or so. So come back soon!

Thanks for stopping by!

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