Thursday, October 9, 2014

Maddie Dressed for the Seasons

Here is a layout that I recently completed from my pages in progress pile. 

The layout is a design from Scrapbook Generation's Super Sketch Kit club.

Now I changed the layout up a bit from the original design. For one, I started the seasonal stickers at the top of the layout, with summer, since I was doing my daughter's first year and she was born in late April. That also meant that I cut the monthly stickers to work for my layout as well.

This layout shows all of my daughter's festive clothing from the 4th of July to her Birthday outfit. Used some collages to fit multiple photos if she had more than one thing to wear.

This layout was super fun to make with all of the stickers. It was nice to start from the kit, because I would have never thought to use almost the entire sticker sheet on one layout.

There is a lot going on with this layout, but I love the year at a glance that it gave me.

Thanks for visiting! 

Here's to finishing up projects!

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  1. Cute sticker design to show a timeline. Not like I understand what seasons are in SoCal!