Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Project Life - January 1-5, 2014

Here is my Project Life layout for January 1-5, 2014.

Since I am going back to fill in the month of January, I wanted it to match the style of the album when I started it in February. 

In February I created my first Project Life pages digitally, so they were much more simple. Less more product to work with, etc.

The first decision I had to make was how I wanted the title card to look. I looked back a a handful of early pages and tried to mimic the look and style.

I used a snowflake brush from Persnickey Prints and followed it up with the same month cards and date banner that I used throughout 2014.

Otherwise I kept to photos taking up the whole "pocket", the card bases being white and minimal embellishing.

Had a lot of journaling to fit in these pages, so I put most of it on the photos themselves when I could and used the journaling cards for the rest of it.

There you have it. Another week completed! Let the countdown to completion begin! 4 to go!

Thanks for looking!

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