Monday, May 11, 2015

Project Life - June 21-29, 2014

Here are my Project Life pages for June 21-29, 2014.

There were so many pictures from our trip to California last year and I wanted to include so many of them, but I kept it to two 2 page spreads.

For this week's layouts I used the Only You kit from Sweet Shoppe Designs.

Had to keep the journaling pretty basic, since there was so much that we did. Kept the pages pretty simple as well, since there was usually a lot going on in the photos.

Customized this "pocket page" by merging the two 3x4 spaces in the middle to one 4x6. Love the power of digital pockets! Doesn't matter what configuration you have, doesn't have to match the other side of the page!

Customized this pocket page as well, by switching the 4x6 on the bottom with the middle 3x4 spots.

And there you have it! The summer of 2014 is now complete. 

Doing this layout really has given me the itch to do something with all of the photos that didn't make the cut! Not sure what kind of project that will be, or if I will even get around to it, well.....ever, with the baby coming and all of the other projects on my to do list!

The only pages I have left in my Project Life album for 2014 is five weeks of January. I have begun the process of creating them. I have at least created files and inserted all of my photos in for these 5 weeks.  The challenge with the first 4 weeks is that I blogged the weeks on my private blog which means A TON of journaling. Trying to figure out what to include and how to include it has been quite the challenge! For the 5th week, I have a gap. I didn't blog it, but I didn't create a digital page real time, and I can't find any journaling notes any where for it. Looks like I will go from a lot of detail to very little from week 4 to week 5!

Thanks for looking! Hoping to wrap up 2014 Project Life album soon, so stay tuned!

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