Monday, June 29, 2015

My Girl

I completed another challenge from the Art + Science of Scrapbooking class!

It was for Right Brain Challenge #3- Photos

The challenge was to take a recent favorite photo then pair it with another photo from a date created scrambling up the date of the first to create a new date. Taking those two photos, find the connection and create a page about it.

I had a bit of trouble finding a photo whose date could be scrambled into a date where I had taken a photo to use. After trying a handful I finally came up with something that worked.

So my original photo was from March 26, 2014. I scrambled the numbers a bit and came up with April, 26, 2013.

Both dates happened to have photos of my daughter so the connection wasn't too difficult. I did sit on the journaling for a few days and wrote it on my private blog to have ready when I was ready to create the layout (over a year later....)

So here is the layout I created.

In my stash I have a bunch of Basic Grey collection kits. They contain remnants of BG's Page of the Month kits that I used to get from my local scrapbook store in California. (You can also find more recent ones online here.) In these kits there are enough supplies to create a predesigned layout plus loads of extras to make other pages or projects, or just adapt the designed layout to your style. 

For this layout I pulled out the Sweet Threads collection and found the journaling spot that was big enough to hold the long journaling that I had and still allow room for the two 4x6 photos I had to include.

The only thing I used outside of my leftover kit was a piece of white card stock for the background.

The journaling block was really cool in the fact that it came with a patterned base and a coordinating transparency that had the black border and colored flowers to overlay.  Added the title stickers, date arrow, and flower sticker to the top after adhering with the tiny attacher.

I love how this layout turned out. Not only do I love these great photos of my daughter, I love the journaling that came from them as well. Definitely may try a similar challenge like this again!

Thanks for looking!

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  1. This is a really cool layout. Love that little girl!!