Thursday, August 25, 2016


So I skipped Shimelle's third challenge when I realized I had completed it the day before. It was to use a pristine set of stamps. 

I tend to try to stamp on all of my layouts, and since I was a bit behind on the challenges, I moved on. Today's layout is for Shimelle's fourth challenge of her 20 Project. "Use colour wheel to add variety." 

I don't tend to scrap with only certain colors. I am all over the board. I usually keep within collections, and I pull out the ones that go with the mood/emotion I want to convey. 

For this challenge, I loosely used the same color combination Shimelle chose for her layout. Orangy red, blue and yellow. I found this collection from Basic Grey that had those colors and went with it. My son helped me select it.

I am always amazed how much product I received in the Page of the Month kits from Basic Grey. I had quite a bit of leftovers to pick from to create this page. Stickers, die cut/doily paper, buttons and paper.

The sticker sheet had the love title stickers calling my name, so I went with the simple title.

Unfortunately, my photos are in such disarray, I didn't realize these photos, which aren't very good, since pre digital cameras, that I had scrapped this story already. Almost word for word! Many years ago. I plan to remove the photos and journaling and see if it can be used for another story. 

It did make me get out my old albums to check and makes me want to reassess my old photos and albums and make better decisions about which photos to scrap. It also made me realize I had photos from high school, in the mix and placed them in the correct album.

A little disheartened by a repeat layout, and I would keep it if it said something different, but it doesn't. It was fun to make, though. 

On to the next challenge!

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